My Family

                                Below is a picture of
                             me and a girl named Samantha. I enjoy figure skating.
                             I have been skating for five years since I was 11
                             years old. I skate almost every day of the week and I
                             teach others on Sundays. I compete in competitions all
                             over Wisconsin and have also been to Illinois and
                             Minnesota. I have won many medals but the one I'm most
                             proud of was this year when I skated the best I have
                             ever in my Freestyle program. Recently I went to
                             Detroit to work with world renowned coaches. I stayed
                             for a week and learned a lot of new things.
                             Other things I enjoy doing is going to movies and I
                             enjoy shopping. I also like going to Football and
                             Hockey games with my friends. I like almost any kind of

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